Friendly environment

Thanks to the special atmosphere and pleasant design of the clinic, the patients always feel comfortable and cosy.

Professional team

The patients are taken care of by professional and friendly medical personnel.

Individual approach

Medical institution with excellent and experienced professionals.

Modern diagnostics

We are proud of our technologically advanced hardware, diverse diagnostic and therapeutic options.

We offer

Diagnostic examinations

Audiometry, endoscopy of the nasal cavity and nasopharynx, rhinomanometry and tympanometry — this is only part of the examinations taken in LOR clinic in order to diagnose diseases as soon as possible.

Speech therapist’s consultations

We offer trainings for both children and adults. The speech therapist will prevent incorrect pronunciation of sounds, help children with delayed language development, manifestations of stuttering and other language disorders.

LOR consultations and surgeries

We provide full diagnostics of ear, throat and nose diseases and full spectrum of therapeutic measures. We employ the best doctors and nurses – authorities in their field.

Consultations of the acoustic engineer of hearing aids

The hearing aid will be adjusted and tuned specifically for your needs. The specialist will answer all your questions and provide the necessary advice to improve your comfort and speech perception ability.