We work in compliance with 16 additional safety steps

To ensure that your health is taken care of and your health problems are resolved as soon as possible, the LOR clinic still makes all the offered services – consultations, examinations and surgeries available, despite the nationwide state of emergency. 

We have developed and implemented many additional precautions to create a safe environment for both patients and employees. Here is a summary of them

Additional safety measures at the LOR clinic

Before and after each patient visit

  1. Visit times alternate to reduce the chance of meeting other patients
  2. Time intervals between patients are increased.
  3. Room ventilation for at least 5 min. 
  4. 4. Surface disinfection by using professional cleaning agents

During the visit of a patient

  1. The receptionist uses a mask during the registration process, a physical barrier – a plastic protection window is provided.
  2. No paper medical records and referrals, no need for additional travel to other premises – all necessary tests are performed on site.
  3. Hand disinfection for the patient and all staff members.
  4. Professional utilisation of protective equipment.