Hearing aids

Unitron, Oticon and Phonak hearing aids will provide the best possible solution for your hearing, regardless of the degree of hearing loss and lifestyle.

Before purchasing a hearing aid, consult a hearing acoustician, who will evaluate the results of the hearing test, the individual daily requirements of the patient, and select the most appropriate technical solution to reduce hearing impairment. The hearing aid is given to try out for two to five weeks. Only then will you make the final decision in favour of one of your hearing aid models.

Leasing is available when purchasing hearing aids.

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The most modern solutions to hearing problems

Phonak is the best hearing aid for you - regardless of your degree of hearing loss, lifestyle, your personal preferences, age or budget. We are committed to providing an excellent solution to hearing problems and after-sales service for everyone. Leasing is possible, when purchasing hearing aids.

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Your best conversations on your mobile phone are awaiting you. Connect directly to your mobile phone* with Moxi All hearing aids. * Smartphones and mobile phones with Bluetooth

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