Standard hearing aids

Thanks to their unique design, these devices fit perfectly in the ear canal. They provide optimal and comprehensive sound.  There is no other device that is so small and invisible, while having such huge potential.

  • Individually tailored to fit perfectly in your ear canal
  • Great combination of performance and discretion
  • Unbeatable feeling of comfort and excellent sound

Economical hearing aid

Phonak Tao Q is available in three custom models. These devices offer great sound quality at surprisingly low prices.

Hearing aid for unilateral deafness

On a daily basis you encounter situations, where you are not hearing your partner or colleague in a noisy room, just because the speaker is not on the side of your hearing ear, or you are talking on the phone and have no idea what is going on around you. Phonak CROS II hearing aid can change this situation. It is a smart solution for one-sided deafness.