Individual earplugs for hearing aids

Our specialists will perform all the necessary actions: from the removal of the ear canal imprint to the cleaning of a ready-made insert.

Removal of the ear imprint is a completely painless procedure and takes 5-10 minutes, i.e. a cotton swab is inserted into the ear canal, and then a special mass is filled into the ear. Then, within 5-7 minutes, this mass hardens and your ear print is removed from the ear. Next our specialists in the laboratory make earplugs according to your ear prints.
Silicone is used to make earplugs – it is currently the least allergenic material.

Individual swimming inserts

These earplugs provide protection for the eardrum during swimming or against the access of water in the post-surgical period.

Individual earplugs for hearing aids

The earplug is an integral part of a behind-the-ear hearing aid and acts as a link between the hearing system and the ear. They tend to be standard and individual – tailored to suit the shape of the patient’s ear.
Standard earplugs can also be used, but the hearing aid can only fully demonstrate its capabilities with a custom-made insert that fits precisely into the ear canal without causing discomfort.